Sunday Snow Day.


I am in love.

With Balsamic Vinegar that is. I discovered this love over a simple black bean salad and now I just want it on everything.

Today it snowed as I was driving back into the burg and I knew I didn't have any food in my house so I slid (literally,) into kroger and bought some groceries. Just a few things till I could drive to walmart, but boy am I glad I went in because there are quite a few inches out there! Anyway, the balsamic I purchased had nothing to do with anything else I bought, except maybe spinach which of course is what I put it on.

You know I am such an artist and even the bottle looks beautiful!

I also had a bowl of three cheese tortellini with red sauce which wasn't bad either.

I am full and happy.

Now to make a fire and pass out on the floor in front of it. . . 

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