I am sure you have been wondering where I am, (or not.) but never fear I am back now. We spent our spring break in Louisiana working with the rebuilding team 8 Days of Hope. We had so much fun and worked hard every day. Mostly insulating housed and putting up drywall.

I met these little friends on a day when we pressure washed a house!

Foose wore the wrong shoes for that. 

On our way home we stopped at Cafe Du Monde and had coffee and beignets.

We also were able to stop at Orange Beach in Alabama. It was the prettiest beach I have ever been to and highly recommend it. . . .you know, for those randoms times you are in Alabama.

This whole time I have been back in Virginia I keep asking myself why I don't live further south. It was so warm down there! I miss it. 

Spring I know you are having fun hiding but please just come out already.

We are getting impatient.

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