Today I remembered much to late that I was supposed to buy my cap and gown. So I will hopefully be doing that on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will finish college. I have mixed feelings. I am very excited that in what I have accomplished with the Lords help, but I am honestly sad for it to be over. These have been my favorite years of life! So many friendships every year, so many adventures, and so many things learned about myself and who I want to be as an adult. Its very strange to think that now I am one. Now if only I could get a job. . .

. . . or a man. . .

I'm not even going to say I am kidding about that.

Tomorrow I will take pictures and write letters and also pack for my last ever spring break. I am finally going somewhere warm! Its also the first time I have ever gone somewhere other than home. Louisianan and the road trip she brings cannot get here fast enough. I am even leaving behind snow! Glory day. 

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