Week in Review


i didn't post yesterday. it was one of those days where more important stuff went on and so i didn't worry about it! blogging every day is so fun for me, its a creative outlet and i love doing it. but when you have days like yesterday you can chose to feel guilty for not "keeping up" or you can chose to dwell on how perfect that moment was that kept you from writing.

and believe me, i wrote yesterday, just not on this blog yet. here is a little list of my week. some things i'll go more into detail later!

work work work. lots of work.
said goodbye to my baby.
played in the mud.
bought a bike.
drank a lot of coffee.
didn't sleep past 6:30 am.
wondered why i didn't sleep past 6:30 am.
celebrated national donut day!
ate a few (okay too many) donuts.
worked my last wedding with micah. (boohoo!!)
waited at a hospital all day.
met baby kara.
cried a little too much over baby kara.
was a very proud friend/crazy non aunty.
drove home to my parents house.

you better believe i'm going to tell you all about the hospital. and how beautiful that baby is. and how beautiful her mama looked after she had her. and how proud and grown up her daddy looked holding her. and now i'm a mess of tears again so i'll stop. happy week everyone!


  1. yes yes yes yes yes yes baby Kara story! I'm dying over here!

  2. Baby Kara looked adorable from what I could see on your Instagram. We must hear more about the little angel. :)

    Naturally Jes

  3. "or you can chose to dwell on how perfect that moment was that kept you from writing."

    Well said.

  4. sounds like a great week! love the cloud picture