Saturday Adventure | Bonfire


i wouldn't say this was my most exciting adventure. but maybe when counting in the last five years it might be. every bonfire, every walk in the dark to our "spot." maybe just being with these people was the adventure.

i am not ready to let go of them. i won't ever be ready. the friends i made in college draw me like a magnet. i'm stuck to them like the strongest super glue. so many memories packed into just a few short years i can't help but feel blessed.

i had a little bonfire at my house before everyone left for the summer. a sort of goodbye, its been nice knowing you. (only kidding.) and really so i could sing them a song i wrote about virginia and leaving. if i ever get brave i'll post it...

it was so good to just sit around with the people i love and talk and laugh and eat a s'more. (i also made that fire wut wuut.) i really can't say anything else about this evening other than that it was wonderful and i had such a great time.

i'm off to work my last wedding with micah. happy saturday!

make it count.


  1. I totally feel ya on having a hard time saying goodbye. But I have a feeling your friends will always be there when you need them :) Looks like a sweet fire!

  2. aw, this is so sweet. it's so bittersweet saying goodbye to so many people and memories. but it's exciting to get to discover a new place and new people.

    also: i think you should post the video. ;) xo

  3. Ah, bonfires. What a lovely way to say your goodbyes. Around the bonfire with s'mores. You're lucky to have amazing friends. :)

  4. Aw, such a cute photo. I wish I could have a bonfire too :)

  5. Beautiful photos! I absolutely love bonfires!

  6. bonfires are the bomb.
    and you should totally post your song!

  7. One day we will be sitting around a fire together! Just you wait :)

  8. i really love the feeling these photos bring. so intimate and close. i wish i had a backyard to have a bonfire every single day.