Week in Review


this week. where do i even start? i made it a point this week to write down things in my phone that i wanted to remember for this post. one of which was at the wedding we worked last night.

i'm no friend to cake. and by that i mean, i can destroy some cake. once at a wedding i ate seven pieces. including the one that belonged to the bride and groom. (sorry andy and heather. ) i blamed it all on the best man. anyway, i really love cake, so when the cake was cut at this wedding i made a beeline for the cake. how many times can i use the word cake in a sentence? cake.

okay then, so i stood there on the side of the dance floor, swaying slowly to let's get it on by marvin gaye. just eating my cake and enjoying every minute of it, and i thought, wow, if this doesn't speak about my life i don't know what does.

thats just one of the things i wrote down to share. speaking of phones and such! i joined the world today! that means i have an iphone. i hate it and love it all at the same time. i love that i can be connected to the world, but i hate that i can be connected to the world. and bills. i hate bills. but i am very thankful for it and i promise to never text and drive. its also very pretty. its gold. yay gold!

lets see what else?

i worked. a lot.
weddings. crazy ones.
hilarious drunk lady who probably won't remember anything she did that night. but a little sad.
OH! beach. i went to the beach.
visited a great friend from college.
good talks.
great great thrift shop.
explored norfolk.
gave a haircut and trimmed my first beard. that was exciting. (thanks chad!)
dinner at mangias.
lots. and i repeat lots, of packing.
bought an iphone.
caught some mice.
read a lot of blogs.
thought a lot about the future.
enjoyed the rain.
found new favorite songs.

i'm sure i did a lot of other things but at the moment i'm brain dead. i hope you week was wonderful. i also hope your may was wonderful. i am excited for june, for this new season of life. i'm a little sad to let go of may, but i know the rest of the summer will bring wonders.

also keep an eye out tomorrow when i will be introducing this summers new project! i am beyond excited!



  1. What kind of tree is that? It's gorgeous.

  2. sounds like a great week! seven slices of cake sounds like a wonderful idea. hope june is good to you xx

  3. Haha. I still don't own an iphone and people look at me like I'm crazy!