friday i decided to drive the long way home from work. all back country roads, twisty and full of potholes. i saw the place i should turn and the song on the radio encouraged me to drive right past it. i do that sometimes. just keep driving down those roads. this weather, this sunshine. i makes me want to keep driving and never stop. my windows down, my hair blowing around like crazy. just me and Jesus in the car. i get to talk things out. i get to tell him all my fears of the future.

 i get to cry to him and tell him how much i'm going to miss virginia.

today while i was driving i kept wishing that those views i drove past would somehow burn themselves in my brain. virginia is so beautiful. especially here near the blue ridge. the summer scenes aren't so easily match by anything for me. the smells of grass and cows might sound awful to you but it reminds me of those drives. the rolling hills seem like there is a farm sitting at the top of each of them. the long grass ripples when the wind catches it. almost all the fences are falling apart but in a good way. its like they are those great old people who you look at and just know, they are full of stories.

i can't help but hear the bluegrass music playing in my head.

all of that filled me up today. i know there are great things in my future, good and bad. i am excited for it. but right now, i am so thankful for all that virginia was to me. all the lessons learned here, every experience, every friendship whether it stuck or has long since moved on. there is so much to be thankful for.

sweet virginia, i'll be missing you.


  1. I love the smell of grass and cows, too! Oh how I miss it so...

    1. its really such a wonderful smell!

  2. Jesus really is the best listener isn't he!

    Why are you leaving Virginia? Where are you going?

    1. haha yes he is! i am moving to nashville tennessee with my sisters! its going to be quite the adventure because we are moving with nothing. no jobs, no place to live etc. am i crazy? yes. fully, 100% crazy. =) the things we do for family...

  3. Too beautiful.

    I do this often too. It's always nice to put on the music, put down your window, and just take it all in and really see how beautiful life is.

    I should do it more often!