Taco Tuesday


it has become quite the tradition around here to have a taco tuesday. i'll be honest, sometimes its actually at taco bell...noah and i started it there. but when we are feeling like being less ghetto, we head over to my personal favorite place in lynchvegas. taqueria is a pretty authentic taco place, where you order how many tacos and what meat you want all for 1.49 per taco. they are pretty small but totally worth every single penny.

for real, i have a taco obsession.

i think my love of all things mexican started when on my birthdays, i would ask my mom for enchiladas. my mom is a fantastic cook and everything she makes is delicious but my favorite has always been enchiladas or burritos. and really it just went from there. i have memories of wednesdays before church my family would go to taco bell for quick cheep meals. i remember eating an absurd amount of soft tacos each time. much more than any eleven year old should eat. since then i have master the art of making and consuming them. its a good life, and someone has to do it.

i got really off topic there. bringing it back now.

so this past tuesday we headed out to find tacos and i told everyone, this was going to be a blogging expirence. hence we are going to pose for pictures. "okay?!" they were all up for it and even though jarrett had a huge gash in his head, (you should ask him about that.) we still had a grand time.

jarrett wins prettiest tacos and most eaten. he order two more after this coming to a whopping seven. piggy. just kidding. no i'm not what a pig.

thank you everyone who at some point ate tacos with me on a tuesday. that was a fun tradition. if you ever eat taco tuesday you should hashtag it so i can see it! i would love to look at your pictures.

happy cinco de mayo (a day late.)


  1. Tacos are SOOO good! One of my favourite things to go out for food for!

  2. Taco Tuesday, yes! I must do this.