Thrifty Thursday | Remake


a while back i shared with you some of my sewing projects around here lately. i promised i would share the end result and i am making good on that promise today! last night before survivor i asked my friend ryan to snap a couple pictures of me and one of my remade shirts. he did a pretty great job and i think aside from all my silliness he got some nice shots. so here you go! here is the shirt i wear most.

 ^^it will even work when i'm with child!

 this was a dress and all i did was shorten it, take out shoulder pads and shorten the sleeve length. now its light and airy and perfect for summer! happy thrifting!


  1. You just keep on getting more and more talented everyday! Seriously woman, you can do it all

  2. this is wonderful... and so very cute! i love the light and airy look of this. happy spring-summer :)

  3. You are just so cute- I'm loving this diy project! It looks fantastic. And the pictures do, too!

  4. i love this so much. (totally going to try something like it this summer!)
    and i literally laughed out loud when i read, "it will even work when i'm with child!" #mademyday

  5. My goodness, this wonderful! I may have to do this with an old dress of my moms. Thanks for the idea! Beautiful pictures, as well. :)
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird