Oh Hello Tuesday! | Week in Review


well what do you know, its almost the middle of the week. i would like to think i'm pretty good at keeping up with this blog, but this weekend i just decided that i would take a mini vacation from everything. i mean i never even looked at my to do lists. i second shot a wedding for micah on saturday and after it was over noah and i headed down to virginia beach to visit our friend lauren. i was trying to explain to noah in the car how much i appreciate people like lauren. "she is just so quick" i kept saying and snapping my fingers. "and i love quick people."

i was reminded of so many other things i love about her over the weekend. we had a great time with her family and even her parents drink half calf, (we will forgive them...) i loved waking up in that house. it was such a fun weekend and i needed it before all this crazy starts.

i say "starts" but i'm pretty much dead middle of it at the moment.

within the next two weeks, (of which i am working every day and on the weekends.) i have to pack my entire room/house. i have to do a million things for my business. i have to make connections in nashville to go meet while i'm there next month. i have to send a ton of emails, make a ton of lists mail a ton of CDs and schedule a shoot. oh and i need to get my oil changed.

i'm just telling you all that so you'll remind me...

i have a lot to do. not much time to do it in, and this morning when i woke up i felt like hiding in my bed all day. but that saying, "life is what you make it." has never been more true to me. i just choose to take it all one day at a time. do a little bit every day, and not let myself get overwhelmed. and i think i'll be able to do it.

this is literally a blog of my rambles. i apologize. here is a list of my week, (and a half...)

work work work.
good coffee.
playing outside.
pizza. (why do i do this to myself?!)
sleepovers with nina.
good ice cream. (again, why?!)
survivor final.
project planning.
lists on lists on lists.
great songs.
snapchats ohmy.
road trips.
the beach. (praise him.)
laughing so much.
art museums.
potato salad.
donuts and wawa
big bruises.

and so you see it was good. and i am going to need an entire week at the end of this summer to just sleep and recover because from here on out, its go go go. and so shoot be a prayer if you think of it. and keep and eye out for some exciting things!

happy tuesday!


  1. i love your week in review posts. i really should start copying you and writing stuff like this in my journal, cuz i really think i'd want to read it when i'm old :)


  2. I had so much fun this weekend! Thank you for coming down and enduring my little piece of crazy :) Can't wait to visit you in Nashville and explore!!

  3. Hey there, straight hair! - aren't you just a babe