Food Post Friday


this is something that will always be special to me. i love food. i love that food brings people together. i love that food is pretty and i love that making food for people is a form of love. a delicious form. i had so many plans this week to start sharing recipes with you but sick children wait for no man. that is to say i'm a nanny of a very ill little boy so no time for blogging. so i'll start these with a post of two very beautiful desserts from waterstone pizza downtown. now please understand that they do pizza so well. but their desserts man. you really couldn't go wrong. they were both so so good and i have wanted to get them again since i last went. (hint hint anyone) if you are looking for a sugary treat, this is probably my first recommendation! enjoy it!


  1. I forgot how incredible that brownie was!

  2. That brownie is bordering on sexual

    1. I laughed so hard at that.

      also, nice blog/ given name. ;)