Saturday Adventure | Lynchburg VA


happy march first everyone! does that mean its spring now!? i am so looking forward to having my freckles back, playing volleyball, camping, hiking, finally running outside again, and all the other great things that come with warm weather. Oh! like drinking iced coffee. i should have added that in there. i hope your February's were fantastic respectively, and i hope your March's are even better!
here's how it is. every saturday i try to do something fun to break up the monotony of the work week. also so i can do a bunch before leaving virginia. there is just so much to see! i am calling them my saturday adventures and let me tell you, we have been on some pretty great ones so far. i can't wait to share them with you.

so a couple weeks ago we had planned on adventuring to the mountains but then the sky dumped a foot of snow on us and we didn't think it would be to wise to explore icy roads. i was bummed but my friend Noah told me he would come up with an adventure in Lynchvegas. and all sorts of adventure was had.

we started the day by picking up my good friend Nina, and taking ourselves to the Farm Basket. (let me just say that if you haven't been there yet, YOU NEED TO GO. seriously the best sandwich in Lynchburg. all the hands down.) i ate the same sandwich i've been eating for the past five years. i just can't try anything different! it is always perfect. i don't know if i will ever find a turkey sandwich it compares to. i just don't think its out there.

next we went on a historical tour (vie Noah's iphone. thank you noah.) we stopped at the graveyard and asked about an urban legond. (they said it wasn't true but we speculated about why they would keep it quiet. . .) we tromped around in the snow looking for a grave and nina, (who is with child hahah) was such a trooper. then we got in the car and drove around looking at the street where all the city leaders used to live. we saw a ton of big houses and most of them had towers. i need a tower i think. we think we even found the first house to get indoor plumbing in Lynchburg! what a treat! we finally stopped at the steps and Noah read us some fun facts about the statue at the bottom.

we all decided we love stuff like that and it really was a fascinating day! i love this little town so much and this all serves to remind me how much i will be missing it and the people i have met here. what a great day.

all photos are taken with a nikon d700 & 50mm


  1. These images are so beautiful Abbey! :) I love your blog! Thank you for sharing all this goodness!

    1. Thanks lady! I love yours! i get so excited when you post new stuff!