A Little Encouragement


Yesterday was a day like many other days in my life. I woke up early, drank most of a pot of coffee and went to work. I'm a nanny for those of you who don't know and I absolutely love my job. . .and my kid. He's three and totally hilarious all the time. He's like a little comedy show walking around saying things I always want to tweet.

I could talk about him all day. But i wont.

So after a lovely outing to the Library, (where i basically nanny-ed for another girl who wasn't paying attention to her child because said child was spitting at my little-man. . .I'm actually still pretty upset about it. . .) we sat down to eat our lunch at Chick-fil-a.

Let me paint you the scene, 

There were about 997,938,380 middle school kids in this particular chick-fil-a and little-man and I fought our way to a seat after ordering. Can i just say real quick that winter is not so great because everyone is wearing fleece, and have you every tried to slide past someone when you are both wearing fleece?! Its pretty impossible and you might as well be wearing coats of opposite sides of Velcro. 

So anyway we made it to a seat. . .

After wrangling little-man out of his jacket and explaining yet again that he must eat his chicken before fries, (in a super loud bossy nanny voice. . .sorry kids its lunchtime and I apparently have no control when i'm hungry.) we sat down and started stuffing food in our pie-holes. Most of my grace then returned and i smiled at my little buttmunch as he stuffed fries into his mouth. (you can't win em all eh?) He sat there bouncing on his knees and chatting away with a mouth full of food like someone could really understand what he was saying. I ate and every once in a while chirp in with a "yea buddy!" or an "oh thats awesome!"

I promise i love him so much but there are just some things that you gotta wing. He will understand when he has kids.

Halfway done with lunch, ( which honestly for me was about a minute in, -I was just really hungry okay?) I looked up and saw, what i'm going to say was probably in the top five best looking men i've ever seen, walking our way. Don't get excited, he sat at the table next to ours. (womp womp.) Next a super cute blond come and joined him, they prayed over their meal and started to eat.

So i'm sitting there with a mouth full of chicken and i look at little-man across from me, bouncing and chatting and occasionally spraying bits of fries at me, and i look down at myself and what i chose to wear that day. Big baggy sweater, ripped jeans that are to big for me because lets face it, everything is to big for me these days. My hair was in a ponytail at some point and was now sticking out all over the place. I had glitter nail polish on my fingernails because at some point this week i decided i was a girl, and i was wearing the same sneakers i've been wearing every day for forever.

And to be honest i wanted to cry.

I looked at the couple sitting next to us and then back down at my lap. "Lord," i said, "thats really all i want in life, i'm a hot mess over here and i would just really like to meet my husband soon." 

A tad pathetic i know, but there are just times as a girl that stuff just kind of comes out of your mouth. and its actually a great thing that it does because i'm a firm believer that God wants us to talk to him about everything.

So here is the wrap up. About five seconds after i uttered these words to the Lord, a puny, bedraggled middle school boy who needed to shave his mustache and get some braces, appeared at my table and said, "HEY! Can I get a high five!?"

I'm not one to pass on a high five.
After receiving his high five he walked back to his table and was greeted with slaps on the back and more high fives. All laughing. All giving the thumbs up.

Here is what I take from this experience. The Lord has my back, and he also has a great sense of humor. He knew I needed a little pump up and he sent a dorky little 11 year old to give me one. Maybe those kids looked around and spotted the frizzy haired lady with the man sweater who looked like she needed a high five, or maybe in all my mess the Lord wanted to show me that someone out there is going to dig all this crazy, even if right now its just a couple a goofball tweens. I am so thankful that God is good all the time, and he certainly makes me laugh.

When the boy was walking back to his table little-man looked at me and said around a mouth of chicken, "why'd he do that abbey?" I just shook my head and said it was because he was a middle school and to never grow up the be that age. Little-man shook his head too and sighed,



  1. Abbey, I agree with you in that the Lord was looking out for you. It's amazing how present He can be when we feel so helpless and alone. I am glad he came through for you when you needed a boost of encouragement. Praise Him!

  2. Abbey, my dear.
    I just read this again. Cesia and I were talking about you last night and how wonderful you are and the great plans that the Lord has for your life. I can't wait to see you when you get back from the North Pole ;)