Tuesday Travels


in an effort be be more organized, i am trying to blog according to days. a few weeks ago my travel partner/adventure buddy and i went on a little trip to Richmond. i had only ever seen the sketch parts of rva so this trip was both exciting and enlightening! everything was so cute and i still can't get over those thrift stores. i found the most perfect jacket and two records that i no doubt "needed." it really was a great day of walking around and just enjoying life. every time i adventure with jessi its so fun because we always are excited about the same things, even though we are very different people. and that is neat. i would go back in a heartbeat.

here are some pictures from our trip.

^^Lamplighter coffee. bikes, coffee, flags, all the good things.^^

 ^^i'm telling you, the thrift stores were heaven.^^

 ^^seriously, you know me and a turkey sandwich...this one was worth the whole trip.^^

 ^^i mean how else should you end a day?^^

 oh fall how i love you! ps, i have decided i need a shirt that says, "i'm not a tourist, i'm a blogger." that would be helpful.  happy tuesday everyone!

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