Summer in Lynchburg


i always love summer. i love being tan and eating cold things outside. i even love getting into a car and having it be super hot. i love wearing shorts and swimming and riding bikes and all things that summer brings. even though its august and already starting to cool down, i want to scrape all i can from these last few weeks. (oh the plans i have!)

last week a couple friends and i went to rivermont pizza (wrote about it here.) for dinner. they had never been there and it was my joy and pleasure to take them for their first experience of my favorite hippie place. on the way we stopped at point of honor and had a quick walk around the property. i was pretty impressed with the house and of course ryan and i took some great pictures. i like that guy, he is so photogenic and willing to act silly for pictures. it really was a great time.

we ended up enjoying pizza while we practically yelled in excitement about certain books we were reading. does this mean we are getting old? well if it does i will gladly get old to be a part of book club. anyway, here are a couple shots from point of honor.

 ^^what a champ.^^

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. i sure did.

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