Hello Spring, what are you eating these days?



I know that title is weird but I have a funky assortment of pictures to share. As you can see I love taking pictures of the things I eat. Food holds so much love and I personally love love and eating love. . .wait what? Never mind, I love good food. I also love spring which is finally in bloom here in the little city!


 ^French toast with cinnamon and nutmeg. ^

^Omelet with spinach and cheddar. (Party in my mouth.)^

But anyway, a couple days ago I took E to eat at a wonderful hippie place here in town and I was so excited to share that experience with him. I couldn't tell if he was impressed or not. Oh well, I am still in love. If you are ever near Randolph College, Rivermont Pizza is right next door. I recommend the Ricky pizza and the spinach dip.

Have a gander.

 ^This guy. So hansom.^

 ^The Ricky.^

I decided a while ago that I was a hippie. I like everything about it but I do in fact bathe. So I guess I'm not a total hippie.

Whatever works.

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