i am not even about to admit i want summer to be over, my tan and my freckles want to stick around for a few more weeks. but every once in a while i get just a glimpse of fall it makes me rethink this whole being sweaty thing. i mean, all of my favorite things happen in the fall, and all my favorite clothes are for then, and my hair always seems to look nicer. . . but probably my main jump towards fall is having everyone back in the same town! Oh how i miss my funny friends! i had a long conversation with one of which today and he told me that, "times change and you just gotta roll with it!" He was in fact speaking of fashion but i thought it was great advise.

i started a job creating the crafts portion of a home-school curriculum and the one i've been working on is all about sharks. i'm leaning so much! did you know that sharks have renewable teeth? they never run out! and did you know that their skin is covered in sharp little things that resemble teeth so when you run you hand over it, it feels like sand paper? and let me tell you, coming up with crafty things about all this is not that easy.

this weekend i am off to visit my babe and i might be just about wetting myself from excitement! Not seeing that child for a whole summer has nearly killed me. okay not really but i have missed him a lot. what are you doing this weekend? do you know anything cool about sharks?

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  1. The only "cool" thing I know about sharks is that they swim much closer to shore than most people think. eek!