The 4th of July


well i would say i am a little behind on my blogging! a couple weeks ago we celebrated america with some friends. most everyone was out of town so it was a small gathering but fun nonetheless. july 4th is on of my most favorite holidays because i just love the red white a blue colors! and i love being ridiculously patriotic and dressing like the flag. i also love that its the one time of year you can justify eating a hot dog because its so American. (its actually jewish but who cares.) so we ate hot dogs and lots of other food we thought represented america well; potato salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, pickles, and potato chips. we went driving around afterward looking for a place to watch the fire works and ended up at the lake. . . where we just jumped in clothes and all because well, yolo and it was independence day! we ended it with lots of sparklers and watching the fireworks from snowflex where i also thought it would be funny to close the gate on a jeep that drove up a road that said do not enter. ( i take my signs seriously. )

i love america and i love all the people that fight to protect it. happy independence day! ( a couple weeks later.)

 ^^ i'll be honest, we went a little crazy with the decorations.^^

 ^^ i had just finished squirting juice everywhere.^^


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