Oh hey its Wednesday


oh hey there wednesday! i didn't realize you were here already. for real though, how can it be wednesday already? i have (as always this month,) too much to do this week! and its already half over.

help me janis.

i am really behind on reading everyones blog. if you haven't been hearing from me i apologize. i have about forty-five unread posts and i am so badly trying to catch up. once you get behind though, its so hard to get back on track.

also how much did you love natalia's summer land post yesterday? i loved it so so much and i really do want to see it for myself someday. i think my favorite thing about this blog world is the friends we make through it. i want to meet you all in person one day!

alrighty, because i'm a tad overwhelmed, and because everyone else is doing it, here is one of those thingys...

Eating / oatmeal cookies my mama made.
Drinking / water and wawa coffee because i'm at my parents house and they have wawa!
Practicing / trust. knowing that the Lord has a perfect plan for me. (its haaard!!)
Buying / wawa coffee. and hopefully donuts at some point...
Mastering / a new ukulele chord.
Learning / new born photography.
Trying / to understand computers. this will be a never ending struggle. where is my hammer...?

Playing / the ukulele because mom and dad gave the piano to my sister.
Finishing / (its a secret but you will see soon!)
Reading / the bible. actually a lot. keep calm and JESUS. it really works.
Remembering / why i hate not living in the mountains. its way to humid here. 
Wearing / shorts and a tshirt. because thats what i sleep in.
Cooking / coffee? i know you don't cook it but thats whats happening...
Working / on new projects all the time.
Traveling / for the next two months solid. and i can't wait.
Wanting / to be settled in a new home. 

there it is! are you proud of me? i am going to try and kill more of those screaming frogs now. happy hump day!


  1. ugh, i totally know what you mean about once you get behind in your blog reading it's so hard to get back on track. i have about forty unread posts right now as well. :P
    and you should so post a video of you singing a song on your ukulele! i love ukuleles, just something about it makes me feel all happy and summery and yeah. i just love it.

  2. Girl, I have like 200 unread posts. I follow too many people. Yikes!

    Also, I need to read my Bible more. I admittedly haven't picked it up in a while :( what are you reading at the moment? x

  3. I literally have like 600 posts that I have to sort through because I've been away for a few days. I think the whole year is just going quickly, but isn't that always the way?

  4. This is such a darling little place you got.