Saturday Adventure | Lynchstock 2014 | Part I


wow remember lynchstock? that feels like it was forever ago! for those of you not from lynchburg, lynchstock is just a little music festival down at a place called the keep colony. they invite a bunch of local artists to play on three different stages and the whole place is filled with hippies, tacos and music.

a few friends of mine were playing in it and i was so excited to go support! when we got there i got to go in for free because my friend let me be his plus one! (first time i can ever say that! ...probably last time too.) (also thank you clement!) we settled ourselves on our mexican blankets and waited for the start.

i honestly don't know that much about music so i can't tell you who was the best and all that, but i can tell you my favorites!

 dogwood and holly (obviously!) is a bluegrass band that started at liberty and they are so very talented! i love hearing them and with each song they played it just got better and better. they played one of my favorites, el shaddai and i was one happy lady.

arson's harbor i'll be honest, i probably wouldn't like them in real life. thats just not my favorite style of music normally. but getting to know these guys a little bit this year has been a shear joy and every time we see them play i am always pleasantly surprised. they are rich in talented and going places in life.

jane marczewski i'm feeling a little emotional right now but i'm not going to write about how much a like this lady and how awesome she is to be friends with...not yet at least. anyway, jane was totally top of my list of favorites, she's so full of spunk and talent and every song sounded perfect to me. (i could be bias but i'm not.) jane and the arson's harbor guys and haley greene did a cover of my favorite needtobreathe song and i just honestly flipped out. it was beautiful. i want it forever.

lynchstock was way more fun than i thought it was going to be and truly the best part for me was the fact that Christ was so well represented by his people. i couldn't ask for a better day.

also dancing around in the back of the gym was pretty fun too. i have fun friends indeed.

 ^^chads festival look.
 ^^hi cole!!
 ^^again, i may be bias but jane's sign was my favorite!

 ^^these i was just snapping pictures behind me without looking!

i was really blessed this year in the roommate department. i try hard not to think about leaving them. 

and that was a sad note to end on. oh well.

happy saturday, make it count! 


  1. gah. i just love your pictures. they're so perfect and a joy to behold every single time i visit your blog. keep it up, lady,

  2. This sounds and looks idyllic. What a wonderful event! :)
    Emma | the Earth through a Lens

  3. Looks like a wonderful day, and something I would love to be apart of. :)