Foodie | Taco Shark | Lynchstock Part II


remember when i told you about lynchstock last week? well aside from all the great music and fun, the best part for me was the tacos. well actually the tacos rival all of that but lets pretend i liked the music and fun better.

like i have said many, many times before tacos are my love language. they are so delicious and i can't get enough. the ones from taco shark did not disappoint either! i had the bbq ones but i tried my friends sweet potato tacos and they were also amazing. (also noah ate at the bbq truck and that was pretty awesome too.)

this really was the first day i felt summer feelings. i looked around at the circle of friends in the grass, old and new, munching on tacos and laughing. and i think that might be what food trucks are really about. they might not know it, but they make you feel that summertime feeling. they make you feel like a kid when you sit on the ground and drip sauce down your elbows.

 ^^those boys though!

^^overload of food pictures 

 ^^i know it looks like whatever is in my mouth is nasty, but it was just so have mercy good i couldn't smile.

 ^^eating tacos is all in the elbows.
 ^^chad thinks his tacos are glorious.

and so thank you taco shark and food trucks everywhere. for the good food and good feelings where beautiful moments are had.


  1. you have got to stop posting taco pictures because i'm not kidding every time you do, i have tacos for my next meal. :P these look seriously so so good. #tacosforeverandeveramen

  2. those tacos. that mac and cheese. glory.