The Nanny Life


I'm writing this post from my phone. I was going to wait till I got home from work today, edit and post my next common grounds project, but this is one of those moments I felt I needed to share. 

i don't normally work in the mornings being a nanny. Little man goes preschool and then I come after to hang out and do fun things. This week has been different because my little is terribly sick. Sounds like croup and snots like a sinus infection. Now I'm not a mother and I've never been one, so sometimes when he is sick I feel really helpless and unsure of how to help him. Pretty much all that gets done is snuggles and forcing water into him. Yesterday was so rough because all he wanted to do was sleep and I couldn't let him. He ended up eating lots of popcicals, sleeping and just laying around. Such a sad little man. 

I think I got a little carried away there...bringing it back now. I'm not a big tv person so I only let him watch a cartoon in the morning. Today's cartoon was sheriff Callie. I despise that one. It's one of his favorites though so I just sat on the couch going through my Instagram. We were about halfway through the cartoon when I realized he was laying there with his head on my hip almost asleep. 

I mean these moments man.

I will never get tired of them. I'm trying my hardest not to move so he can rest but part if me has the giggles and part of me just wants to bawl like a baby. Kids aren't perfect, but they are perfect at what they are supposed to be. Fully honest, fully trusting, fully believing. They are never concerned with looks but they do appreciate beauty and also love. We could learn so much from the way they do life. 

I don't know what the point if all that was but I just wanted to share this little moment with you! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and remember to appreciate the kids in your life today. 


  1. I was nanny to a 4 year old for over a year of her life! It was a very special time...we became SO close! Those memories we had together, I know we will both share for a lifetime, even though she was so small :)

  2. Oh so lovely. Kids are truly the most precious of beings. They teach me so much everyday about gratitude and peace. Praise God for them!

  3. That's beautiful.

    I feel the same way about children too sometimes. They're such characters and to think we were all like that once upon a time. :)