My 100th Post | A Friendship Worth Dating For.


i know. i can’t believe it either.

after talking about it a lot. we decided to kind of let everyone know at the same to avoid all the questions and honestly just changing the relationship status on facebook seems too impersonal.  both of us are pretty privet when it comes to facebook and we just didn’t want to make it all public until we decided that this could work out. we have a really close group a friends and the last thing we wanted was to create some kind of uncomfortable vibe.

so here it is!

ryan and I have been friends for years. ryan has this crazy addiction with reality tv and a couple months ago (well… more like last summer) he came over and we started watching the bachelor (I know… I’m ashamed to admit this) he needed a place to watch his show because the house he was staying in didn’t have a tv. he started coming over multiple times a week to watch different tv shows, and i found myself getting hooked too. We watch everything from the bachelor to survivor, even nashville on occasion. (I think he has girlier taste in tv than I do..)


what I didn’t realize because lets face it, i’m a little oblivious to things…. ryan was using his tv addiction as an excuse to hang out with me more than normal. my roommate tara started mentioned that ryan sure had been coming around a lot. i just laughed and denied it because we had this running joke that if we’re 35 and single we were going to get married on a farm in north dakota.. I guess it just started growing from there.  We started texting more, he would come over and we’d go for a run, ryan even got a camera for christmas and we would go on little adventures so i could show him how to use it.

from there the idea of us kind of grew on me. i was still a little bit in denial but i enjoyed the time with him. About a month ago ryan approached the subject after we watched survivor one night, and i’ll admit i was awkward… okay… A LOT AWKWARD! after a lot of awkward laughs, we kind of decided we wanted to take our friendship further. i was a little worried that it wouldn’t work out, and that it would mess up our friendship of 4 years. That’s why we were hesitant to tell our friends.

here were are a month in and things are going pretty good. I think its funny that I never dated anyone my whole time in college, but ryan has been such a good friend since I met him sophomore year. Its funny how things work work out when I least expect it.

this will be my 100th blog post and i wanted it to be extra special. i seriously couldn’t think of anything better to share with you! here is a little list of things i really like about ryan!

1.     he is so funny. We are always laughing!
2.     he is always up for adventure.
3.     he’s really good with kids.
4.     he has a fantastic imagination.
5.     he has a beautiful heart for the Lord! 

 please excuse the fact that all of these pictures are taken on my mac. if feel a little ridiculous but here they are!

^^survivor night!

^^ our trusty chaperone! thanks tara!

^^hahah my favorite!! 

 for now we are just living it one day at a time. seeing where it takes us, and knowing there is a plan for both of our lives. by the way think about what day it is. i love you all. don't hate me.


  1. Are you kidding me!? This can't be an April Fools joke. That's just mean (though totally deserved on my behalf haha)

    Oh man...I don't know what to believe right now. Maybe you are dating but you're just using this day to cover it up and maintain privacy. I think I'm onto something....

    1. haha yes april fools! I am so sorry! but pretty good yea?

    2. Way too good that I almost don't believe you...haha

  2. so.. for real? not for real? ahaha the suspense! facebook doesn't look like it's a joke unless they're all a part of the joke ;) if it's for real then i'm so happy for you! xo

    1. Not for real haha! everyone who was tricked played along on facebook! such good sports!

  3. This is too cute to be an April Fools joke. seriously. you can't do this to me!

    1. hahaha sorry Marcia! it is a joke! got you good!

  4. Awww, I thought this was real reading over it, and I was thinking to myself "Aw they make such a beautiful couple", then suddenly, it's not! Haha.

    Aw well, guess you got me!