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i cannot quite put into words how excited i am for this weeks common grounds project. when the idea came to me to ask this person i wasn't even sure she would want to participate, but when she said yes i found myself so full of anticipation for this exciting post!

i met sam over the internet. you may laugh at that, i laugh when i say it, but i guess thats what i love about blogs. you can read and see about people who have cool lives, who have inspirational things to share, who appreciate the beauty around them and who share common ground with you. you yourself in turn can comment, encourage, and cheer on your fellow bloggers and learn more of this hobby we all love. sam has the sweetest blog and i don't even know how we started following each other but she always leaves the most encouraging comments. i love her blog! i get so excited when she posts because she is a fantastic writer (something i am not!) and i love her photography style! i was even following her instagram for a long time and didn't know it was the same person till a couple weeks ago. she has a beautiful creative heart that you see all over her work/writing and even though we couldn't sit down together and have coffee (she lives on the other side of the world) this was still one of the best common grounds ever! i hope one day we will meet face to face because she is a beautiful person and i am happy to call her my friend. here is a little list of things i love about sam;

-sam is from australia!
-she has a beautiful cat!
-she loves jesus and it is evident.
-she is brunette!
-she likes tea!
-she loves flowers and floral!
-she is a creative and an adventurer!
-she is a great photographer! (really! go look!)

i'll let you find out more for yourself! please meet samantha heather. . .

Me: What gives you goose bumps?


You’re starting this off with a tough one. To be honest, what gives me goose bumps usually involves things of beauty. From a breathtaking view, to a loving moment between two people, to a heart warming song; the beauty of God’s creations really ignites something within me and sends shivers down my spine.

Wow...that was corny. No more I promise :)

Me: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Sam: It would probably have to be my blog and my photography. Never before have I pursued a hobby and been able to keep up with it. I’ve tried guitar, painting, sewing and believe it or not, stamp collecting! While photography has always been a passion of mine I never did anything with it until April last year when I started my blog. I was at a stage when everything was looking down and I desperately needed something to keep me sane, happy and productive. I would go so far to say that my blog, in a way, saved my life.

Me: You’re all time favorite book?

Sam: Sadly, I’m not much of a reader (shameful I know!) but right now I am slowly getting through Game of Thrones and I am loving it. The characters and the drama are so well written and developed that I cannot tear my eyes from the pages sometimes. Perhaps this reading thing isn’t so bad after all?

Me: Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?

Sam: 1. Wes Anderson – his colourful imagination inspires me and I would love to sit and chat with him about how he thinks, works and creates. I think everyone could use a little inspiration from him now and again.

2. C.S. Lewis – I know he’s not with us anymore but he’s passion and encouragement is something I would love to know more about

3. My future children - I cannot wait for the time when I get to meet them. There will be no greater moment

4. My Lord and my Creator – Enough said.

Me: Would you rather live in the country or in the city?

Sam: I think a part of me has always yearned to live in the country, the air is so crisp out there. However, I have always lived in the city and it feels like home to me. I like being so close to everyone and everything. I like the hustle and bustle and the continual movement of life.

Someday though I would love to have a holiday home in the country where I could escape to and create adventures for my family and I. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Me: Do you like spicy food?

Sam: Being part Indian my answer would have to be a big, fat YES. Spicy food is my favourite type of food!

Me: Are you more of a unicorn or a dragon? (hahahah)

Sam: Dragon! Haha

They are creatures with a burning fire inside them (both literally and metaphorically) who won’t stop until they reach their goal. They have no fear or doubts which is what I admire about them

Me: If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try?

Sam: Hmmm...assuming I had the skills, I would love to be a Pilot so I could satisfy my desire to soar above the world.

...or even an Astronaut! That would be wicked.

Me: What is your favorite thing about the country you live in?

Sam:I love its natural diversity. Australia is an island, filled with deserts, rainforests, beaches, coral reefs, mountain ranges and urban jungles. It’s unlike any other country I’ve visited and I’m very proud to call it home.

Me: Would you ever want to live anywhere else in the world?

Sam: I know I just said how proud I am to call Australia home, however a part of me lusts over the idea of living abroad. Perhaps in a little cottage just outside London or a studio apartment in New York. Being so far away from the rest of the world just makes me want to travel more.

Me: How do you feel about public speaking?

Sam: While I always get butterflies in my stomach, I am not scared to get up in front of a crowd and share what’s on my mind. I was part of the drama club and debating teams at school and university and enjoyed the adrenalin it gave me. It’s a type of high that I can’t really explain.

Me: What did you do on your 16th birthday?

Sam: I had a ‘tribal’ themed party at my home. It was a blast. I dressed up in a leopard print dress my mum made and sat on a throne made from wood and palm tree leaves. I always went all out for my costume parties haha

Me: Have you ever pulled a prank?

Sam: Does jumping out behind a corner count?

I’ve sadly never been a good trickster. I usually end up laughing before the prank is revealed and I ruin it for myself. What can I say? I guess I am just a nice person ;)

Me: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Sam: To trust in God’s plan.

As a person who struggles with anxiety, I naturally worry a lot and try and change things out of my control. I cannot completely control my life and sometimes I just have to ‘Let Go(d)’ and trust in a plan that has been perfectly designed for me.

Me: Anything else to add?

Sam: I must say that writing this has been an absolute ball and I appreciate being invited to join you on this wonderful project. I look forward to when we can actually sit down for a coffee one day. I’ll add that on my list of ‘things to do’ :)

Thanks for having me Abbey! You’re awesome.

P.s. My cat, Pebbles, says hi!

 ^^oh i just want to cuddle him!

^^my friend is beautiful! 

 thank you so much sam! this was just the best ever! i love all your answers and you sure do take a beautiful picture! i am glad i get to be your friend, and i do hope some day we get to meet each other in real life! also your cat is too cute!

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  1. AHHH!! Sam! I loved this so much! :)

  2. Abbey - this seriously made me tear up. Your words are so wonderful and it made me feel so warm inside. Thank you for having me apart of this project, I feel so honoured and proud to call you my friend. Let's catch up one day soon please :)

    1. yes please! you are so special and i am so glad jesus/the internet brought us together! =)

  3. So perfect!! I love everything about this project!!

    1. thanks Julia!! it has been so much fun to share them!!

  4. I love Sam too! and I met her over the internet! This was such beautiful post :) xxx

  5. Yay, this was perfect. :)

    Sam's such a lovely person, and I think we could all agree on this one!

  6. Coming from Sam's blog! This was a wonderful, post and wonderful idea. Must be an amazing thing to take part in! I'm really glad through Sam I've now found your wonderland! I'm following you now & can't wait to read much more! & your writing skills are great! :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. thank you so much! I have never thought i was great at writing, so that means a lot!

  7. Such a cute idea and I loved all of your questions. So happy to have found your blog :)