Throwback Thursday | Fall day with Jessi


 i keep finding so many old pictures i need to post! gosh i just don't know how they stack up on me so bad. these are from a little adventure around the cool streets of the burg last fall. there are all these old houses and neat cobble stone streets so i guess we just decided to go see them one afternoon. Jessi is great like that, i will call her and say, "wanna go on an adventure?!" she almost always can come and good times are had.

this actually makes me miss fall a lot! the fall in virginia is so beautiful and i think i forgot this year that it would be my last one. i will definitely miss it a lot but i know i will be back for visits. a great song to listen to while looking through these is Autumn by ben rector. gets me all nostalgic. so there you have it.

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  1. These were all so swoon-worthy... but the picture of the leaves? STUNNING. My favorite. You've got me gushing, Abbey.