Rebekah & Michael | Florida October Wedding |


Being back in the swing of things i thought it would be fitting to finally post some of my fall weddings!

Mike is my oldest brother and when he called to ask if i would shoot their wedding i couldn't have been more excited. not only are they both really good looking people, but mike asked specifically what time of day would make the best pictures. for an artist/photographer, those are dream words. we looked up time the sunset and it was all ready from there. i couldn't be more please with the way they turned out! the lighting was stunning! so for all you out there who are planning a wedding, keep in mind your light! it is so SO important and the outcome of choosing it carefully will make your pictures even better!

i love my new sister and i am so glad she has joined out family! this will always be one of my favorite weddings for so many reasons! congratulations you guys, (even though its half a year later!) I love you both!


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