Taco Saturday with Ms Marly


 Forgive me for I am way behind in my blogging.

Last Saturday Ms Marly and I decided to try a new taco place. We've only heard great things and its Mexican food so it was an easy decision. I can't remember the name of it but it started with a T. . .  anyway it had amazing tacos and even though they are small they are so tasty! They were also super cheap! Which is always a plus when you're a starving artist fresh out of school. After we ate lunch we headed to a nearby nursery to look for a plant I didn't have yet. (I was preparing for all my friends to leave by buying plant friends.) It was such a fun day!  

 ^^La floor^^
 ^^Tacos. I only spent five dollars and I had rice too!^^
 ^^Such a lady!^^
 ^^ I go hard.^^

 ^^Pretty spring flowers.^^

 ^^Flower dances^^

 ^^My newest friend Lue.^^

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