Mellow Mushroom


I am so behind on blogging.

About a month ago my housemate celebrated her 22nd birthday. We ventured to Charlottesville to one of my favorite spots, Mellow Mushroom. Its a psychedelic pizza place right next to the university. My friends and I have been going there since I was a freshman and we absolutely love it. It was my roommates first trip and I was so excited to share the love. I don't think I have a favorite pizza, they are all so good! But I did share the Caesar salad pizza with my friend Foose. Delish. I want to go back just looking at them!

 ^^The Caesar salad Pizza. Yum!^^

 ^^She is the best!^^

I love C-ville! There are always great things going on and it has fantastic food! Maybe it will be next on the list of places to live. . ? . . .Maybe not.

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