A Day with Noah.


Noah is one of those friends from college I plan on keeping forever. He is so great and I always have the best time with him. Last time he came to town we went for lunch at a local favorite, the Caviler. It is such a hole in the wall and only takes cash, but the fries are delish and I could eat a turkey sandwich from the gutter and be happy. Well maybe not but it is a good sandwich. After that adventure we headed downtown and went to the farmers market to look around. We ended our day buy getting a coke from the Korean market and heading to snowflex to watch children fall. (not really but that did happen a lot, so cute!)

 ^(Everything tastes better in a cold mug!)^
 ^(The ceiling is covered in license plates.)^

 ^(Praise him from whom all blessings flow.)^
 ^(I would go just for the fries and ranch!)^
 ^(My lovely birthday shoes from Marly)^
 ^(You would never know this is a place to eat by the outside.)^
 ^(The hood has "a touch of class.")^

It was such a fun day, he can come everyday.

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